Backend Development Services

Backend Development Company

We provide a complete range of backend development services, from building custom backend
layers to cloud integration. Our services will help your business lead in the digital market.

Backend Development Services

Need backend development services? Get a flawless product that accommodates your business market needs and offers amusing UX. SeoSiteSoft has years of experience in different programming languages and the latest technology. Our expert developers can build extensible cloud-based and on-premise backend solutions that escalate with your growing business needs. If the front end is your application's body, the back end is the brain.
Backend Development Services

Power Up Your Business With Our Backend Development Services

We provide a complete range of backend development services, from building custom backend layers to cloud integration. Our services will help your business lead in the digital market.
Backend Website Development

Backend Website Development

Whether it's about creating a website from scratch or reengineering an existing one, our team can do it all. We write code that easily transfers the database information to the browser and integrates all the functionality into your app.
Cloud Backend Solutions

Cloud Backend Solutions

We build innovative backend solutions that help your system scale naturally with the industry’s best cloud platforms. We can also help you migrate your backend systems to private, public or hybrid clouds.
Backend Audit

Backend Audit

Our team can conduct a comprehensive back-end audit, detect performance hurdles, and enhance your infrastructure, architecture, codebase and database schemas. This will help you decide whether to optimise the current app or transfer to a new one.
IoT Backend System

IoT Backend System

Our experts can build seamless IoT backend systems that help you manage your IoT fleet, optimise your workflows, and skillfully organise your whole IoT system and business operations.
Dedicated Backend Developers

Dedicated Backend Developers

Our dedicated team comprises full-stack backend developers who use the latest technologies to deliver custom and robust solutions that help you fulfil your business needs. We can also become a part of your remote team.
Backend Refactoring

Backend Refactoring

Facing issues in your app's performance? SeoSiteSoft can help you rearrange the entire infrastructure without affecting the front end. We can rebuild your existing system to reduce costs and enhance code.
Backend For Blockchain

Backend For Blockchain

If your blockchain project includes batching transactions, caching or needs additional automation. We can build server-side components to enhance functionality.

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Our Business Strategy

If you want to strengthen your application’s architecture with high-quality backend solutions, then put your trust in SeoSiteSoft. We arrange regular meetings with you to thoroughly understand your business needs and provide backend development services tailored to your requirements and expectations.

Why Choose Us As Your Backend Development Company?

Over the last 7 years, we have consistently provided top-notch backend development solutions. Our workflow centers on optimizing every line of code to guarantee that your website receives top-quality results. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions that meet your needs.

Clear Communication

We know the importance of clear and transparent communication for creating great digital products. That is why our team keeps you updated about your project status and ensures you can easily track the results anytime.


Our team delivers a solution that scales your system according to evolving needs without sacrificing the website’s performance. We ensure that Your development team is entirely suited to the needs and requirements of your project.

Choosing Agile Methodology

Our development team chooses agile methodology while working on your project, enabling them to provide you with an object-oriented design, test-driven development, and a robust application for your business. We are always open towards your opinions.

End-To-End Security

Our backend engineers follow the latest security protocols for keeping your software and data safe. Our backend solutions transfer data securely between system components.

Using Latest Technology

We use innovative and time-tested technologies like C++, .NET, PHP, or Python for your projects. Our team's technical excellency ensures great knowledge in all backend languages and frameworks.

Implementing The Best Practices

Our customer-oriented approach helps us provide you with cost-effective backend development services. We use cutting-edge and provide you with a perfect balance of high-quality products at a competitive price.


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Our Workflow

We follow agile methodologies through every stage of the development process.

01 Discovery

Our backend development process starts with discussions and meetings with you. So we can thoroughly understand your requirements and expectations from the project. All the important information required related to your business is also collected.

02 Planning

Once we have gathered all the important information, we will guide you on the best solution for your business. Our team will perform research on the market trends and your competitors. After your approval, we will create a road map for the project.

03 Design

The design of your backend architecture is like its backbone. Our designers will create several backend architecture options. The designs will be put in front of you for final approval.

04 Development

Our developers will now start developing the design approved by you. They will start working on the codes, algorithms, scripts, and APIs. They will also create the database for your project.

05 Testing

Once the development phase is complete, our QA team will perform several tests on the product's reliability and performance. If they detect any bug or issue, they will fix it before the launch.

06 Maintenance And Support

Once the product is deployed, our team will provide you with post-production support and maintenance. Whether it's about updating the existing solution or fixing any bugs, we will help you with all.

Our development process starts with workshops and discussions with the clients. It helps us to know about your requirements, needs, and expectations from the application. Our developers create a road map to start the creation process.
Further research is done on the competitors and market trends. This helps in tailoring a solution that makes you stand out in the digital market.
Once all the research work is done our experienced developers will create designs for your application. These mock designs will be put in front of you for approval.
Once the design is finalized our team will start working on the development of the application. Our experienced developers will work hard to satisfy you and create a high-functioning digital product.
In this phase, different tests are performed on the website to test its performance and reliability. And integration with other software and applications if needed is done. After that, we present it to the client for their final approval.
Once the product is launched our team will keep a close eye on it to check if it's working just as we wanted it to. We also provide post-development technical support and maintenance or upgrades of the website whenever needed.

Our Technology Stack

Our backend developers use cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop and manage your backend solutions.

A Few Things You Must Know About Backend Development: FAQ

The backend is responsible for operations under the hood. The backend serves the information requests, processes data, and interacts with integrations to provide data.
It is related to developing server-side logic that powers websites from behind the scenes.
01: The server
It provides data on request.
02: The app
The application runs on the server that channels the data.
03: The database
It stores and handles data.
Each project needs a unique combination of backend technologies. Some of the most famous languages used for development are JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, and C++.
Website backend development is essential for every business as server-side is necessary for storing and organising data. It communicates with the front end ensuring the data is displayed as intended.
Yes, we can provide support and maintenance services on your demand.


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